Halitosis is a common problem found in many individuals across the world. The word halitosis got its origin from two words, one from Latin word Halitus meaning breath and another from Greek cirrhosis meaning liver. From these two words Halitus and Cirrhosis, Halitosis evolved in common use giving out the meaning bad breath. The prime reason for people suffering from halitosis is the generation of bacteria in the oral cavity. These bacteria have the tendency to produce volatile sulphur. Doctors usually categorize bad breath with the help of the unpleasant odour from mouth created by sulphur. With the presence of sulphur, smell doctors confirm that you have bad breath and bacteria are growing in your mouth.

The gums present in oral cavity and the tonsil region of the cavity are the treatable area of mouth using laser tonsillectomy. These two areas have maximum tendency to help the generation of sulphur producing bacteria. The reason is that these areas have deep crypts, which are present in some individuals. These deep crypts can accumulate the food particles and other debris that we consume through our mouth. The food accumulated in tonsil parts and gums cannot be removed with the help of our general oral hygiene tools such as waterpik, toothbrush, and others. This causes the food trapped to decompose in your mouth, which in turn encourages the growth of bacteria that produces sulphur.

Apart from food getting trapped in gums, most of the food and debris gets accumulated in the tonsil parts of the mouth. Trapping for food and other debris in tonsils generally found in adults and older people rather in young and infants. The accumulated debris in tonsil when removed gives you the appearance of cheese. They are hard and are called as tonsil stones. These stone smell terribly and some people compare the smell of tonsil stones to that of fecal matter. Many people cannot understand the reason for their problem and they even do not know where to go and how to treat this problem.

Finally, a perfect and precise treatment evolved for treating halitosis or bad breath. Laser tonsillectomy method has given successful results in curing bad breath for majority of patient. In laser tonsillectomy, the tonsil part is cured with the help of laser beams. Laser beams have high penetration power and with the amount of heat produced by them the problematic part is vaporized and removed.

Laser tonsillectomy is one of the very simple processes carried out to cure tonsil halitosis. The entire duration of the process to cure bad breath is about 30 minutes and within an hour after the operation, patients can get back to their normal eating routine. No other side effects are found in laser tonsillectomy. The recovery period is very less and this process is completely a painless process. This operation can be carried out with local anaesthesia and you can be awake during the process of laser tonsillectomy. People are now realizing the advantages of this laser tonsillectomy and are undertaking it with confidence.