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LaserTonsillectomy.org provides information about the laser tonsillectomy procedure and local doctors who carry out the process.

At LaserTonsillectomy.org our primary service is providing you with information on the laser tonsillectomy procedure. No fancy graphics and no ads. We are an information source and directory of physicians who offer laser tonsillectomy.  Our goal is that you educate yourself about laser tonsillectomy and its use against: halitosis, tonsil stones, tonsillitis and other oral issues.

This website was created to serve as a resource for individuals wishing to find out more about laser tonsillectomy surgery. I’ve gathered together resources and videos from all over the Internet to help you make your decision about whether or not this procedure is for you.

Because this is a relatively new procedure, created within the last 10 years, many doctors have not been trained in the use of laser technology for ear, nose and throat procedures and do not have the necessary resources to perform these treatments. What you will typically find on the Internet is that there is a lack of centralized information regarding the use of laser tonsillectomy and its medical applications. LaserTonsillectomy.org was created to fill this gap and provide the most useful information about the procedure and its applications. There is also a convenient listing of doctors who offer the procedure and are available to provide additional information more specific to your individual needs.

The directory contains a state-by-state list of providers to assist you with finding a provider in the location near you.

Doctors pay a fee to be listed in our directory, but there is never any charge to patients for use of this service. I encourage you to look around. Read about the procedure, watch some videos and start a list of your questions. If you decide that laser tonsillectomy may be for you, then head over to our state-by-state directory to request more information and/or a consultation with one of the doctors listed.

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