Typical Laser Treatment

The method of treating tonsils with the help of lasers is called laser tonsillectomy. This method is earning its reputation among patients as a long needed answer to the unacceptable three to four week recovery times of traditional tonsillectomies. The laser tonsillectomy procedure can be done within half an hour and in some cases the patient is able to go back to regular activities right from the next day of operation. When you undertake traditional treatment for tonsils, it will take longer time for recovery from operation and there are chances for transmission of some diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. In addition, severe bleeding occurs during regular traditional operation procedures.

In laser tonsillectomy, little to none bleeding and transmission of diseases occurs since there is lack of bleeding and lack of physical contact of instruments against the tonsils. Recovery is very quick. Laser tonsillectomy This procedure is suited well for individuals who have clearly visible tonsils when they open their mouth. Many individuals who suffer from tonsil stones and large massive tonsils can be easily cured with the help of laser tonsillectomy.

There are some drawbacks of laser tonsillectomy too. One main drawback is that, if the tonsil is massive, then multiple visit of laser is required for complete curing for that tonsil. This depends on the method conducted. If cryptolysis is done then multiple visits might be required. If a full laser tonsillectomy is performed then there are typically no needs for follow-up procedures.

The greatest advantage of using laser tonsillectomy is that the recovery time is very quick that you can start drinking and consuming food in an hour after the completion of operation. The operation time is more or less around half an hour. With warm and cold water gargling along with antibiotics and antiseptics, patients can carry on their regular activities the next day after the completion of operation.

To perform laser tonsillectomy just a clean laser room is sufficient. No operating room or separate arrangement is required for laser tonsillectomy. Surgeons use some endotracheal tubes to protect patients from laser beams. If they are not protected from laser, then it may produce some serious effects on the patients, as lasers are very powerful.

Laser tonsillectomy can be performed with the help of local and general anaesthetics. If patients prefer to have local anaesthetics then they will be awake during laser tonsillectomy operation and they can feel that the surgeons are doing to them. Whereas, the patient will be asleep and unaware of what is happening to him during general anaesthetic laser tonsillectomy operation. The results of both the forms of operation are the same and they recovery time after both the operation are also same.

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